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The company V.A. Papadopoulos based in Zervochori Paramythias with telephone number: + 30 26660 51166, e-mail: (hereinafter referred to as “company” or “we”), operator of the online store, states that all personal data (hereinafter referred to as “data”) are treated as strictly confidential and are used in accordance with the applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data.

The security of your personal data is our priority. Therefore, we devote due attention to personal data and their protection. In this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “policy”), you will find information about the types of personal data we collect, the legal basis of the processing, the purposes for which we use them, the storage period, the recipients to whom they may be transmitted. In the policy, we also inform you of the rights you have regarding the processing of your personal data.

What personal data do we process?

If you use the services of our online store or physical stores (sales and distribution points), we process various types of your personal data.

In case of purchase

The most common data you provide to us relates to information received through the form to order goods or other services on our website. This is primarily data that is necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract of sale.

The specific information is necessary for the processing of your order and can be divided into:

  1. Identification data, such as name and surname and, in case of purchase by a company, the company registration number and tin.
  2. Contact details such as e-mail address, postal address, billing address, telephone number, bank account details, payment details.
  3. Data obtained on the basis of the duration of the contract, such as purchased products, volume of services provided and category of customer.

In case of registration

If you wish to proceed with online shopping, it is necessary to register first on our website. The customer account is protected with a password of your choice, which we do not have access to and in case of loss we will not be able to send it to you on request or create a new password.

Within your account, you have unlimited access to your personal data as well as their possible modification. Through your account you can view the history of your completed orders, purchased products and incomplete orders. Through the customer account, you have the ability to save your payment card details.

In case of visiting our website

When you visit our website, during your visit we collect various information, such as IP address, browser settings and preferred language, visited pages including the duration of the visit. We also monitor your movements on the site, specifically the links you press, so that we can optimally adjust the content we display and offer you products and content that you will appreciate.

During your visit to our website, we save to the browser and device you use and then read the cookies, which we refer to in a separate chapter of this policy.

However, in addition to cookies, we also process data about your behavior on the website, your IP address, information provided by your browser, such as the analysis, operating system of your device including version and language setting.

Our website may contain links to other websites that we believe are useful and could contain important information. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that these sites may be owned and managed by other companies and organizations that process the data in accordance with their own privacy policies. Our company does not control such processing and is not responsible for any information, materials, products or services contained or accessible through these websites.

In case you contact us through social networks

If you decide to contact our customer support by phone or e-mail, we mainly process the contact files by e-mail.

If you contact us regarding your request through our profile on selected social networks, the processing of your personal data is governed solely by the Privacy Policy of the company that manages this social network.

In case of visiting our physical store

We place image capture systems in our stores and other facilities to protect our legitimate interests in order to protect our and your assets. In the event of a visit to one of our stores, we process the image data in which you may appear. The premises in which the image capture systems are installed always carry the appropriate warning.

For what purposes do we process personal data?

Purchase of goods and services

Mainly, we process your personal data for the purpose of executing a sales contract, so that we can successfully process your order sent through our website, mobile app or customer service line and deliver the goods to you. The e-mail address and telephone number are used to send an order confirmation, to send a payment confirmation, to send an electronic invoice, as well as to inform you about the status of your order and any other communication regarding such order.

Customize and ensure better operation of the site

Our desire is to customize the content and recommend products that may interest you. For this reason, we use the personal data we collect to personalize the content and offers on our website. The marketing offers displayed may be selected according to the additional information we collect over time according to your contact information and demographics, your favorites, as well as other information related to your use of our site. However, we do not perform fully automated processing that would have legitimate results concerning you.

We process data about your behavior on our site, which allows us to receive information that we have the ability to constantly improve our site, to be as user-friendly as possible. We may potentially process your personal data to generate various statistics, such as tracking traffic or evaluating the effectiveness of advertising, as well as to control new features of our website or mobile app. Information about your behavior on the internet is important, among other things, for any Prevention of attacks on our site.

Customer support and communication

Because we strive to continuously improve the services of our customer service, to respond to your requests as soon as possible and to ensure optimal service, we need your personal data to successfully process your requests and address any problems during the execution of the sales contract.

We also use the personal data we collect in order to communicate with you and personalize it.

Image data

We place image capture systems in our stores and other facilities to protect our legitimate interests in order to protect our own and yours assets.

Service improvement

We use your personal data to continuously improve our services and systems, including the addition of new features. We also process personal data in order to make informed decisions using comprehensive analysis and business intelligence, based on our legitimate interest which stems from business freedom and consists in the need to improve the services we provide in order to successfully maintain our competitiveness. However, in order to ensure adequate protection of your rights and interests, for these purposes we use personal data which is anonymized to the fullest extent.

Protection, security and dispute resolution

We may also process your personal data to ensure the protection and security of our customers and systems, to exercise our rights and legal claims, to detect and prevent fraud, to resolve disputes or to implement our agreements. We may also process personal data for the purposes of any audits carried out by public authorities.

What are the legal bases for the processing of personal data?

We process personal data to the necessary extent and for various purposes, as detailed in Articles 1 and 2 above, or:

  1. Without your consent under the performance of a contract, the fulfillment of a legal obligation or our legitimate interests.
  2. Based on your consent

The types of processing that we may perform without your consent stem from the specified purpose of such processing and from the capacity in which you act against us – as a simple visitor to our website, if you make a purchase or registration. However, your personal data may also be processed if you are a recipient of goods or order services, if you contact us or if you visit our physical store.

Execution of the contract of sale

By purchasing or sending an order to our store, a proposal for a contract of sale arises, which is concluded by accepting the proposal from our side in the form of sending the products of the order. However, for the successful execution of this contract of sale or any other contract relating to goods or services, we need a large part of your personal data entered in the order form.

Fulfillment of legal obligations

We also have to fulfill specific obligations defined by the current legislation. In the event that we process your personal data for the fulfillment of these obligations, your consent to such processing is not required. On this legal basis, we specifically process your identity and contact information, as well as information about your orders.


For the purposes of sending commercial communications via e-mail, we may process your personal data based on your express consent. You have the option to withdraw your consent at any time and unsubscribe to send commercial communications.

Legitimate interest

We also process your personal data based on legitimate interest in order to improve and adapt the services provided, to verify your satisfaction with the processing of the order and to promote more effectively the goods and services offered.

Based on legitimate interest arising from direct marketing, we may also send you commercial communications about products similar to those purchased in our store. However, this is only on condition that you do not object to such processing.

Our legitimate interest is also the protection of legal claims, internal records and the control of the proper provision of our services.

Our legitimate interest is also the sending of a market evaluation request made through a selected online evaluation portal or evaluation of the consumer competitions we organize.

The processing of your personal data based on legitimate interest is also carried out in case of a visit to our physical stores, which are supervised by Image Capture systems in order to protect property. You can object to this kind of processing at any time.

To whom we transmit personal data?

In most cases, we process your personal data for our own purposes as their controllers, which means that we determine the aforementioned purposes of collecting your personal data, determining the means of processing and their proper execution.

We transmit your personal data to our partners only if necessary in the context of the execution of a sales contract, to ensure payment or transfer, based on a legitimate interest or if you have granted consent to the transfer in advance.

We also transmit your personal data to the processors, who of course comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data. These processors process personal data in accordance with our instructions without affecting in any way your rights due to such processing. With your consent, we may also transfer your personal data to social networks or marketing tool managers for the purpose of displaying targeted advertising on other websites.

Categories of recipients

We may transfer your personal data to the following recipients:

  • To processors and companies of Group V.A. Papadopoulos for the execution of the sales contract for the purpose of carrying out internal processes and procedures.
  • To payment service companies for the purpose of processing payments on the basis of your order, that is, for the execution of the contract of sale.
  • To transport companies for the purpose of delivering the products or services of the order and resolving complaints, including withdrawal from the contract of sale.
  • To suppliers of goods or technical support centers regarding returns of goods or services of the order.
  • To partners who ensure the sending of commercial communications, who are bound by the obligation to maintain confidentiality and are not allowed to use your personal data for any other purpose.
  • To marketing tool managers, who help us personalize the offer and content.
  • In social networks, in case you communicate with us or share content through social plugins.
  • To technology vendors and cloud service providers.
  • To legal or economic representatives or courts for the purpose of processing tax documents, collection of claims or other reasons arising from the fulfillment of our legal obligations.
  • To public authorities in case of enforcement of our rights (Fr.Allah. police).

In case of use of your personal data by third parties in the context of their own legitimate interests, we are not responsible for such processing. Possible processing of this kind is governed solely by the privacy policies of the relevant companies and persons.

Transfer of data outside the EU

When transferring your personal data to processors we may also, in some cases, transfer personal data to third countries which are not part of the European Union and which do not ensure an adequate level of personal data protection. However, such a transmission is carried out on our part only if the processing fee commits to comply with the Standard Contractual Clauses issued by the European Commission.

What is the time period for processing personal data and how are they protected?

Processing time

Primarily, we process personal data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship, that is, the contract of sale. In addition, we process personal data for the period strictly necessary to properly fulfill all obligations under the concluded contract and the applicable legislation. For example, we are obliged to keep the relevant information for at least 10 years from the date of issue of accounting documents.

As part of fulfilling your requests and providing quality customer service, we process your personal data from the conclusion of our contractual relationship, including one year from the end of the warranty period of the purchased products in order to resolve possible disputes.

If you contact us through customer service, we store the personal data resulting from the communication for a period of 2 years, including recordings of calls that are recorded.

In the case of granting your consent to send commercial communications, such consent is valid for the period of 4 years or until its withdrawal. The consent granted with the product evaluation mission is valid for 6 years or until it is withdrawn. If you decide to participate in events we organize and grant us your consent, we process your personal data for the period of 1 year or until it is withdrawn, including any image data or other audiovisual recordings.

In case of participation in a competition we organize, we process your personal data for the period of 1 year. If you visit a physical store or other facilities and the surrounding areas of our company, we process the image data for the period of 90 days from the date of the registration in question.

In other cases, the period of processing of your personal data arises from the purpose of the processing or is determined by the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data. Your personal data is automatically deleted after the specified processing deadlines.


The personal data we collect and process is transferred to a system that guarantees the security of your personal data when communicating your browser with our server. We protect our website and the other systems we use with appropriate technical and organizational measures against the loss and destruction of your personal data, as well as against unauthorized persons accessing your personal data, modifying or disseminating it.

We are constantly improving security, while also requiring processors to demonstrate compliance of the systems they use with the GDPR.

In case of registration, access to the client account is possible only after entering the password you selected. We do not have access to your password because it is stored in an encrypted form without the possibility of decryption on our part either.

We would like to stress that it is important not to disclose your login information to third parties. We recommend that you log out of the customer account when you complete your activity, in particular if you share the device with other users. We assume no responsibility for misuse of your password unless the situation in question is directly caused by us.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

As we have rights and obligations in the processing of your personal data, you also have specific rights that you can exercise. These rights include:

Right of access

You have the right to request free information about the processing of your personal data – what data we process, for what purpose and for what period of time, where we collect your data and to whom we transmit it. Under the right of access, you can also request that we send you your personal data that has been processed in a structured, machine-readable format. We will effortlessly create your copy after the proper verification of your identity, as long as you send a request to the email address of the personal data protection officer (hereinafter referred to as “responsible”)

Right of correction

If you find that the personal data being processed is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request their correction. We will correct or complete your data, pleasantly without undue delay, as long as you send a request to the e-mail address of the person responsible

Right to erasure

Under certain conditions, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data that has been processed. We will delete or anonymize your personal data without undue delay. However, this does not apply to personal data that is necessary for the fulfillment of our legal obligations and the storage of which is required by Law (processing already sent order) or to protect our legitimate interests. Also, personal data will be deleted if this data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or if there are no other compelling and legitimate reasons for its storage. You can request that the data in question be deleted by the person responsible through the email address

Right to restrict processing

Under certain conditions, you may also exercise the right to restrict the processing of your personal data processed. You can request the cessation of processing of the personal data you choose for a limited time. You can ask the person responsible to restrict the processing of such personal data through the e-mail address

Right to portability

You have the right to receive from us all the personal data that you provided us and which we process in accordance with your consent. We will provide you with the personal data in a structured, machine-readable format. We will be happy to provide you with the data in question in this format, as long as you send a request to the e-mail address of the person responsible

Right of objection against processing

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interest. In the case of processing for marketing purposes, we will stop the processing of personal data without undue delay. However, in other cases, we will cease such processing after reassessing our legitimate interests and your rights and reasons. You have the right to object to such processing by sending a request to the e-mail address of the person responsible

Right to file a complaint

The exercise of the rights and procedures mentioned above in no way limits your right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. You may exercise this right specifically if you believe that we process your personal data without authorization or in violation of applicable law.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding this policy and the processing of your personal data, you can contact the Privacy Officer at any time, to whom you can contact via the e-mail address your request will be processed without undue delay, no later than 30 days. In exceptional cases, mainly depending on the complexity of your request, we have the right to extend this period by an additional two months. In this case, we will tell you about the possibility of delay and its justification.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the address or customer service line mentioned in the footer of this policy.


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This Privacy Policy is effective from 01 August 2021