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PAPADOPOULOS Company was founded in 1959 and is a cheese making unit with its registered offices in Zervochori in Paramythia, Thesprotia.

It processes approximately five tons of goat and sheep’s milk daily, collected from the producers in the wider area of the Municipality of Souli. It has privately-owned production, packaging and storage facilities.

Its commitment to traditional methods of cheese production in combination with excellently trained company staff guarantees the impeccable quality and authenticity of its products.

In this contemporary cheese making unit, the production team uses technology to ensure the highest level of hygiene and not to increase production at the expense of quality.

At the company’s commodious spaces, one can observe a combination of contemporary technology and traditional techniques. From the room with the refrigerated tanks which take in the fresh milk to the ageing chambers which accommodate feta cheese during its maturing process. In between are the rooms with the stainless steel vats where the cheese is placed and cut, as well as the packaging and storing divisions.

The company has developed HACCP systems for each line of production, so as to fully ensure product safety, as well as a certified quality assurance system in accordance with the EN ISO 22000:2018 standards.

The members of the entity maintain a long collaboration with the area’s animal farmers, thus ensuring consistent quality of the raw materials for producing their cheese products.

Today, the third generation continues to produce the authentic cheese products of Paramythia giving emphasis to quality and having as their main asset the authentic recipes they have inherited, offering their consumers a unique tasting experience.

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